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Airguard Packaging

2005 108th Street, Suite 504 Grand Prairie, TX 75050 United States

Airguard Packaging Solutions is the designer and manufacturer of highly innovative, next-generation protective packaging solutions. Airguard is the only company to offer automatic production inflation systems designed to dramatically shorten the packaging process while maximizing labor efficiency. Airguard collaborates with customers to create one-off packaging solutions that focus on damage prevention, dimensional weight reduction and comprehensive cost savings – from delivery to shipping. Ideal for a wide range of industrial and consumer vertical markets, Airguard’s customized automatically-inflatable air cushions ensure the customers’ products benefit from excellent shock absorbance and better protection during transit.

Protective & Transport Packaging

Airguard Packaging - Protective & Transport Packaging Product Image

Airguard’s protective packaging is custom designed to maximize shock absorbance and protection levels for each individual product (i.e., electronic devices, computers, medical devices, picture frames). Airguard’s professional design team creates a tailored air cushion layout, considering the product’s sharp edges, unique shape, and original or new reduced box size. The all-in-one solution comes complete with an Airguard on-site auto-inflation device, with a high-capacity inflation rate of 400+ pieces per hour. Airguard’s air cushions are fully recyclable and reusable

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Types of Protective & Transport Packaging

  • Cushioning


  • Plastic
  • Recyclable