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Allied Technology LLC

2150 W. 6th Ave Suite P Broomfield, CO 80020 United States

From Case Packing to Palletizing. We design, develop, manufacture and integrate end-of-line packaging machinery. From robotic case packing to robotic palletizing, our innovative designs are modular and scalable, giving you the flexibility to expand your packaging machinery as your production needs change. Future-proof your production with packaging automation that can keep up with the dynamic demands of consumers.


Allied Technology LLC - Conveyor Product Image

Allied Technology supplies PicPac Conveyors, modular conveyors that are engineered to seamlessly connect to the entire Allied Technology product line of packaging equipment, including feeding, case packing and palletizing robotic packaging machinery. Allied Technology offers a wide range of options with its conveyors.

See the Conveyors page on this company's website.

Types of Conveyors

  • Modular Conveyors
  • Tabletop Conveyors


  • IIoT ready
  • Packages

Feeding & Inserting Equipment

Allied Technology LLC - Feeding & Inserting Equipment Product Image

PicPac Feeder from Allied Technology helps customers eliminate the need for dedicated bowl feeders during product feeding. This vision-guided part feeder singulates parts from bulk and allows for part changeover in minutes.

See the Feeding & Inserting Equipment page on this company's website.

Types of Feeding & Inserting Equipment

  • Placement/Feeder Systems


  • Loose

Case Packing Equipment

Allied Technology LLC - Case Packing Equipment Product Image

Compact and scalable, the PicPac Case Packer is designed to simplify the robotic case packing process and pack up to 25 products/min. The PicPac club store case packing machine can be combined with modular conveyors for a turnkey solution that will fully automate display-ready case or tray packing process. The robotic case packing module is adaptable, handling rigid, flexible, or difficult to handle products. Depending on the case, carton, tote, tray, or display-ready container used, the robotic case packing module can pack product in both top-load or side-load orientations. Flexible product handling system features single or multipick robot grippers capable of picking any flexible, rigid or difficult to handle products weighing up to 16 lb.

See the Case Packing Equipment page on this company's website.

Types of Case Packing Equipment

  • Case or Tray Erect/Load/Seal (Integrated)


  • Automatic
  • Robotic
  • Robotic loading

Package Types:

  • Bulk/Industrial Lined Case Package Type Icon
    Lined Case


Allied Technology LLC - Palletizing Product Image

The PicPac robot and cobot palletizers from Allied Technology feature a compact and mobile-ready design made to simplify the robotic palletizing process and maintain the robust demands of industrial automation. The PicPac Palletizer is a complete turn-key robotic palletizer for end-of-line packaging. Simply lower the caster wheels and roll the cell into place. The PicPac Palletizer’s built-in powered conveyor can meter and locate cases to ensure the robot picks accurately every time. Programming is easy for multi-picks and complex patterns using the proprietary drag and drop software.

See the Palletizing page on this company's website.

Types of Palletizing

  • Pallet Configuration Software
  • Palletizers (Robotic)


  • Bags
  • Cases
  • Containers
  • Entry-level/budget models available
  • Floor-level
  • Tool-less changeover

Package Types:

  • Bulk/Industrial Large Bag Package Type Icon
    Large Bag
  • Bulk/Industrial Lined Case Package Type Icon
    Lined Case
  • Bulk/Industrial Pail Package Type Icon