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Evanesce Packaging Solutions

1050 West Pender Street Suite 1510 Vancouver, BC V6E 3S7 Canada

Evanesce is a sustainable technology innovator driven to accelerate the adoption of compostable, plant-based packaging. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, with manufacturing facilities in South Carolina and Nevada, Evanesce designs, develops and manufactures packaging solutions that are certified compostable, commercially scalable and cost-competitive using the latest advancements in material science. Our revolutionary patented Evanesce® Molded Starch Technology uses upcycled plant-based materials, is 100% compostable and decomposes in 90 days or less. Evanesce is driven to eliminate single-use plastic and expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam packaging and inspire change that contributes to a healthier planet. Learn more at


Evanesce Packaging Solutions - Containers Product Image

Evanesce Packaging Solutions supplies 100% compostable, 100% plant-based eco-friendly food packaging products that are designed for strength, affordability and performance. Molded starch- and biopolymer-based cups, drink lids, bowls, containers and food service items are designed as a replacement for expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam products. Products include Evanesce® Molded Starch trays, in addition to being fully compostable, are leak-free, sturdy and grease-resistant. With a shelf-life of 2 years, these trays look like Styrofoam™, but decompose in 90 days or less.

See the Containers page on this company's website.

Types of Containers

  • Cups, Bowls & Tubs
  • Food Containers (Fresh & Prepared)
  • Trays & Baskets


  • Bio-based
  • Biodegradable
  • Composite

Package Types:

  • Rigid Cup, Bowl or Tub Package Type Icon
    Cup, Bowl or Tub
  • Rigid Tray Package Type Icon