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OctoFrost Inc.

2880 Zanker Rd Ste 203 San Jose, CA 95134-2122 United States

OctoFrost AB is a globally recognized supplier of food processing equipment with a deep focus on thermal treatment such as blanching, cooking, chilling and IQF freezing.

Food Processing Equipment

OctoFrost Inc. - Food Processing Equipment Product Image

OctoFrost's cooling machines and equipment are used for processing a wide range of IQF products (fruits, vegetables, berries, seafood, meat, poultry, pasta, dairy, and grains) and are designed with customers’ needs in mind. Machines include IQF freezers, blanchers, shrimp cookers, chillers and impingement freezers as well as full IQF processing lines are designed for a natural appearance of the products, optimal food safety, high yield and energy efficiency.

See the Food Processing Equipment page on this company's website.

Types of Food Processing Equipment

  • Chillers, Freezers & Cooling Equipment


  • Wet