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We believe that proud and empowered teams achieve better results. That empowerment starts with recognizing the expertise and involving frontline teams in the shaping of processes. Our Frontline Excellence Platform makes it effortless for teams to capture and scale critical operational knowledge across the organization through crowdsourcing in order to boost performance improvements at scale. SwipeGuide empowers frontline teams to boost operational performance with crowdsourced knowledge. Improve productivity, safety, and quality across operations with collaborative work instructions. Trusted by thousands of frontline teams at companies like Heineken, ABB, and PepsiCo across 93 countries.

Controls, Software & Components

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SwipeGuide's collaborative instructions platform for frontline manufacturing teams is designed to capture and scale critical operational knowledge across operations, prevent errors, boost skills, and continuously improve processes. Platform can be used for work instructions, quality and safety standards checklists, standardizing operational procedures and for audits and compliance applications. Two pricing options are available: SwipeGuide Enterprise for sharing instructions across multi-site teams and SwipeGuide Pro for smaller teams and single site access.

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Types of Controls, Software & Components

  • Production/Operations Software