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For over 15 years, Tekscape has provided comprehensive managed IT services to clients with simple and complex IT infrastructure. Its proactive, responsive, and timely support starts with a new client onboarding process designed to get businesses up-and-running on its monitoring and management tools. Tekscape offers services such as server and system support, networking, collaboration (phone and video), desktop, email and endpoint assistance, Microsoft Office 365 and Azure integration, security and disaster recovery. As a trusted partner, Tekscape guides its clients through industry best practices for technology solutions that can reduce operational costs, eliminate downtime and decrease overall IT spend.

Controls, Software & Components

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Tekscape helps manufacturers leverage the latest technology to unlock new levels of innovation, productivity and growth. With managed services, downtime can be avoided and cloud technology implemented for monitoring, security patches and redundancies. Smart Factory / Industry 4.0 solutions combine production operations with operational data from ERP and other enterprise systems. Tekscape's Smart Factory Solutions provide digital technology such as IIoT, cloud computing and analytics, AI/ML for better decision-making and 24/7 technical support for a new level of efficiency. Tekscape’s managed cybersecurity capability helps secure company data, minimize future costs, and respond fast, protecting network, applications, and devices all in one place. Tekscape also provides a wireless solution to deploy next-generation Wi-Fi infrastructure that offers device flexibility, extended reach and scalability. Simple login credentials enable WLAN computing, while users can centralize, connect and manage their network virtually. Wireless devices have become essential in today's work environments.

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Types of Controls, Software & Components

  • Production/Operations Software