About ProSource

PMMI ProSource is a searchable directory more than 900 packaging and processing suppliers, all members of PMMI, the Association for Packaging andProcessing Technologies. PMMI also owns and operates the PACK EXPO trade shows in the U.S. as well as the EXPO PACK trade shows in Mexico.

PMMI ProSource incorporates several features that make searching for suppliers faster, easier and more reliable than ever.

Navigate company listings efficiently

Company listings are curated by a full-time editor who ensures they appear in the correct product categories. The product categories themselves have been reconfigured from scratch based on actual end user input. Summary descriptions that appear on search results pages are edited for clarity while minimizing marketing hype.

A search engine optimized for packaging and processing terminology returns a consistent set of search results for a given product category, regardless of the keyword variation typed into the search box.  

Intuitive Filtering

Category-specific filters further aid in refining searches.For example, within liquid filling, it is possible to filter by product type(e.g., viscous, non-viscous, etc.), machine type (inline, rotary, etc.), fill type (volumetric, fill by time, hot fill, etc.), certifications and sanitation(CIP, Dairy 3A, etc.), shelf life, and more.

Find the right company for your needs

The directory also distinguishes between companies who supply a machine as a standalone machine or integrated as part of a monoblockor multi-machine configuration. The site also differentiates between manufacturers and distributors.

Match companies by package type, material & feature

A powerful feature of the directory is the ability to filter any category by package type; for example, it’s possible to quickly isolate companies that supply case packers that work specifically with stand-up pouches, or liquid fillers that fill bulk containers. Extensive illustrations of package types and machinery and material categories make it easy for less experienced users and transcend language barriers. 

Packaging materials and containers are featured extensively in addition to machinery. Users can filter by a wide range of criteria including sustainability tactic (such as recyclable, bio-based, or recycled content), package features (child-resistant, anti-counterfeit, e-commerce, etc.) and much more.

Expert guidance

An A-list panel of end user experts who have decades of experience at major CPGs guided the development of the categories, filters, and design of the site. In effect, the site was designed by end users for endusers. Questions and suggestions can be sent to [email protected].