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Typical Material Property Ranges And Requirements

Nov 9, 2021
1 min read

Once you have assessed the various functional and display considerations for a label, you will be prepared to discuss your requirements to select the proper material and supplier for your project. This selection should focus on using the least amount of material to accomplish the objective while meeting the requirements of the labeling process. Listed below are typical material property ranges and requirements. They are to be used as guidelines and may not represent all materials available for use. Your label material supplier can make recommendations concerning these guidelines depending on your targeted application.

Coordinating the material selection with all the requirements for the labeling project will allow you to specify the least amount of material to perform flawlessly in production. This can be achieved through working as a team with your material supplier, label manufacturer, and labeling equipment manufacturer. Once a material selection has been made, it is imperative to perform all necessary testing on the printed labels to assure your final solution will perform throughout the distribution and product-use life cycle.