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Horizontal Form/Fill/Seal

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Bagging or pouching equipment that works in a horizontal orientation to form bags or pouches from roll stock film. Horizontal Form/Fill/Seal (hf/f/s) equipment makes a vertical cut in a horizontal flow of film to form individual pouches and bags. After forming and filling, bags are sealed via heat, ultrasonically or another method. Are you planning to buy new bagging, pouching or wrapping equipment? Here are some guidelines for what to consider when planning your next purchase.

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Horizontal form/fill/seal (hf/f/s) equipment, which is used in bagging or pouching lines, is an advanced category of packaging machinery. It has become a mainstay in packaging because of its rapid production capabilities, powered by automation, and is used in a wide range of applications from food and pet food packaging to medical, agricultural, personal care and household goods. In a typical hf/f/s system, the product – which can be wet or dry– is fed into the machine, where it is automatically weighed, measured, and packaged in a seamless workflow. A key feature of hf/f/s is its versatility; the machines can be used to produce all sorts of packaging styles, shapes, and sizes. For instance, they can create bag types like gusseted bags, stand-up pouches, and quad-filled bags, and even intricate patterns, like checkerboard seals. Another flexibility advantage of hf/f/s equipment is that the same machine can be used for various product lines. Versatility is not its only selling point, though. Horizontal bag systems are known for their ability to produce airtight and moisture-proof packages, made possible by cutting-edge, modern technology, like heat-sealing or infrared-sealing mechanisms, which seal the packaging shut at extremely high temperatures. This guarantees maximum product protection, especially helping to extend the shelf life of perishables, like food products. In terms of operations, hf/f/s technology is also very reliable, with high production speeds and minimal downtime possible, in part because of the durable structure of the machines, with components that are designed with longevity in mind. Also, hf/f/s equipment is packed with sophisticated control systems, which can be constantly monitored for optimum performance. For manufacturers and packagers that need to minimize costs, hf/f/s equipment can be the perfect place to start. They often require less manpower than other packaging methods, as the machines run automatically. Not to mention, hf/f/s machines can use less energy than some traditional bagging and pouching systems, saving on electricity costs. Perhaps the clinching benefit of hf/f/s equipment is its capacity for high-speed production, meaning businesses can scale operations with minimal effort; an investment in this machinery can help lay the groundwork for a competitive business model in an ever-changing market. With all of the benefits of hf/f/s on the table, buyers should take time to work with potential suppliers to select the appropriate machine for their needs. Things to consider include: the size and shape of the product, the kind of packaging material being used, cost, durability, and overall throughput rate. Additionally, businesses should plan on exercising proper operational conduct and regularly scheduled maintenance to protect their investments. Overall, hf/f/s equipment offers an array of benefits to the packaging operations of businesses that are willing to invest in their future. From increased productivity and bottom-line savings, to the flexibility enjoyed by many packaging options, horizontal form/fill/seal machinery will be a cornerstone in packaging for years to come. Check out all of the horizontal form/fill/seal suppliers and manufacturers that PMMI has verified and vetted, right here on our PMMI ProSource directory.
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