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Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are industrial-hardened controllers that are designed for machine and line control. Input/output (I/O) refers to wiring accessories that enable communications between sensors, actuators and the controller. Includes related equipment such as cards for PLC, signal conditioners, etc.

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Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Input/Output (I/O) systems are an integral part of today’s today’s manufacturing industry and are used daily by packaging and processing facilities. . PLCs offer a range of benefits over traditional control systems in that they allow users to program a range of inputs and outputs while considering many different scenarios. These systems help manufacturers to optimize their production process to a much higher degree of precision than was possible with traditional control systems. There are endless use cases for the implementation of I/O systems. Such systemss are easy to use, offering a wide range of inputs, including analog and digital signals, in addition to outputs that control motors, lights, actuators, relays, and valves. Through quick integration to existing systems and the ability to set up new ones, these controls offer agility. Featuring extensive monitoring of equipment and conditions, I/O systems provide an essential means by which manufacturers can further improve their efficiency. PLCs and I/O systems can be used in an expansive range of applications, including production line automation, robotic control, material handling, process control, and data acquisition. They can also be used in more complex scenarios, such as automated testing, packaging, and inventory management. By onboarding these systems, manufacturers can achieve higher levels of automation, better systems integration, and improved process visibility. Safety is always part of the discussion, and PLCs and I/O systems help improve facilities through better control and monitoring of safety systems and equipment, resulting in less risk of accidents or downtime from equipment failure, and an overall reduction of maintenance and repair costs. Given these advantages, it's important for companies to decide how they can further implement PLCs and I/O systems as an effective tool to leverage both their current and future equipment assets to optimize their production process. PLCs and I/O can take center stage as the means by which a vast number of complex processes are brought to life and improved, they are an integral part of any production line. Find your next PLC or I/O systems supplier today, right here on our PMMI ProSource directory.
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