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Converting Equipment

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Machinery that transforms webs, or rolls of paper or plastic substrates, for later package formation processes, such as slitter/rewinders, coaters, plastic extruders, die cutting machinery and related equipment.

Converting Equipment Companies

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In packaging, we often think of how to get products into packages and containers, but there is an entire industry devoted to how those packages and containers get there in the first place: converting and package forming. Converting equipment and package forming entails any sort of machinery that aids in the transformation of materials like paper, plastic, or fabric into usable end products, often for packaging purposes. Converting and package forming equipment represents a broad range of options for various substrates depending on your needs. Designed for flexible packaging production, slitting machines| cut materials into strips of various sizes while laminators form a single packaging material out of two or more layers. On the rigid packaging side, there are creasers that fold and score to create boxes and other shapes from paperboard or cardboard. Die-cutters, as another example, use a sharp blade to cut fine shapes and patterns from paper, plastics, and other materials. The use of thermal converting equipment is quite popular, speeding up the production process. This is the process of heating a material, or the application of adhesive, to permanently bond materials together. The heat allows a material to be transformed in one step, instead of multiple steps, often required when using more traditional equipment. Digital printing has also become increasingly popular as a way to mass produce products. This process involves the printing of a digital image directly onto the material, using specialized inkjet, laser, or thermo printing equipment and more. It’s highly lucrative and provides top-notch results. Digital printers are often used to print labels, tags, stickers, or any other materials that require customization or branding. 3D printing has also been making waves in the manufacturing industry. This newer technology allows manufacturers to rapidly produce prototypes and plastic 3D parts, with almost endless customization abilities. This tech is likely to fundamentally change the way products are designed and created in the very near future. Another exciting and emerging sector in the converting and package forming is the use of robotics and automation. Much like every other process in manufacturing, converting processes are moving this direction as well. Robotic arms are capable of grabbing materials from one machine, and manipulating them as needed to create a seemingly infinite number of configurations. To emphasize this aforementioned selling point once more, the manufacturing process has seen exponentially faster production times, and improved product quality through the usage of this tech. Finding economies of scale through efficient converting equipment allows companies to produce higher quality products faster for much cheaper. Automation, robotic arms, digital printing, and thermal converting are just some of the ways manufacturers are improving their processes. Browse suppliers of converting and package forming equipment you need today, to begin putting it to work for you tomorrow – right here on the PMMI ProSource directory.
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