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Filling, Capping & Closing

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Suppliers in this category manufacture a wide range of equipment that fills liquid and dry product into containers such as bottles, cans, and other rigid plastic containers, as well as flexible packaging. The category also covers a range of equipment that seals or closes the package.

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Liquid Fillers (109 Companies)

Liquid filling machines deposit or dispense liquid or semi-liquid products of various viscosities such as soda, soup, or yogurt into bottles, cans or other containers.

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Dry Fillers Category Icon

Dry Fillers (69 Companies)

Filling systems that deposit dry solid products such as tablets, nuts, or screws into a variety of packaging formats.

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Rigid container closing equipment Category Icon

Rigid container closing equipment (24 Companies)

Equipment used to seal, lid, or otherwise close highly rigid containers for solids or liquids including processes such as crimping aerosol cans, applying pumps to plastic bottles, and sealing pails of paint.

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