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Material Handling

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Equipment used to lift, transport, or otherwise move materials such as plant supplies, consumables, raw materials and finished product in and about a facility.

Material Handling Companies

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Maintaining efficiency and safety in the manufacturing process of any product can be a challenge, but it’s a piece of the business that can “make or break” the entire supply chain. As the manufacturing world continues to adapt to the current landscape, the need to investigate a range of different material handling solutions becomes increasingly important to maintaining your competitive edge. From investment-level industrial machinery, to smaller-scale equipment, manufacturers have many options that allow for maximum safety and efficiency while moving materials through their facilities. This type of equipment ranges from simple, familiar tools, such as the hand cart or pallet jack, to complex machines that incorporate IIoT technology, such as computer-controlled robotic arms. Pallet jacks are one of the most familiar tools, used to move pallets of material around warehouses and production facilities. Hoists and winches, meanwhile, are more sophisticated tools used to lift heavy objects and materials between different levels in a facility. The ubiquitous forklift, or powered lift, is used to move large amounts of product around a workplace, even on uneven or unstable surfaces. Beyond the more familiar, advances in automation have brought us highly advanced material handling equipment, including automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), that are equipped with sensors that work to navigate and follow precise, defined paths without needing to be guided by a human being. In the same vein, automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), operating via a computer-controlled system that’s capable of moving products in and out of storage, creating unprecedented levels of efficiency and accuracy. An integral part of this category, carousels are also a way in which you can further streamline processes. These systems can help improve organization and productivity, by properly storing and retrieving items from fixed locations. Carousels can also help cut down on labor costs, as less energy will be expended on manual operations. When operators are still in the picture, their safety must of course remain paramount. Ergonomic Assist Equipment, like vacuum-assist lifts, film roll handling, exoskeleton suits, skid lifters, vacuum lifters, come-alongs and scissor jacks can help workers, particularly those with limited physical abilities, perform otherwise difficult tasks, while warning systems featuring lights, signs, or alarms ensure that operators are aware of their surroundings. The myriad options available for materials handling equipment offers manufacturers a lot of flexibility when building out or replacing pieces in their process, providing them with the right tools to ensure ease of material movement between points within the facility, while mitigating the risk of injury or damage to your workers or products. Explore all of the options available right here on ProSource, and begin the process of bringing your facility up to tomorrow’s standards.
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