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Materials, Containers & Consumables

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PMMI members that supply packaging materials and containers are featured in this category, ranging from flexible packaging materials (pre-made bags, labels, and rollstock) to rigid containers (bottles, cups and trays). Also included in this category are closures, folding carton converters, protective packaging, bulk packaging containers and consumables (adhesives, tape, stretch film, machine knives and ink) and other supplies.

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Flexible Packaging (63 Companies)

Flexible packaging can be bags, wraps and films, made of one or more layers of plastic, foil, paper, or other materials that are usually lightweight or bendable in some way.

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Containers (33 Companies)

Any semi-rigid or rigid vessel that holds or contains raw product such as a liquid or solid. Many of the containers mentioned here can be used in a wide variety of applications; examples are for illustration purposes only.

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Containers Types

Closures, Lids & Dispensing Category Icon

Closures, Lids & Dispensing (22 Companies)

Lids, caps, nozzles, lugs and other container parts used for functions such as sealing containers as well as re-opening and dispensing product.

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Consumables (41 Companies)

Materials and tools used in packaging and processing operations in very high volumes during the course of regular operations.

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Labels & Leaflets (17 Companies)

Labels are applied to flexible and rigid containers and contain instructions, branding, nutrition and product information. Leaflets are small, multi-page booklets that are folded and typically can be affixed to the exterior of the package.

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    Bulk Packaging (12 Companies)

    Containers that store or are used to distribute bulk items within a plant, for industrial distribution and related applications.

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