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A R Arena Products, Inc.

100 Metro Park, Ste 100 Rochester, NY 14623-2649 United States

Arena Products is a leading packaging, design and pooling company in North America. With 30 years of experience, we provide a full spectrum of services for the design and development of customized reusable transport packaging systems.

Bulk Packaging

A R Arena Products, Inc. - Bulk Packaging Product Image

A.R. Arena manufactures intermediate bulk containers and IBC/tote liners. The A330 Shipper™ is designed for liquid IBC applications. IBC handles unique dynamic stresses associated with liquid loads during handling and transport – such as sudden motions or abrupt stops can cause liquid loads to shift and place greater stress on an IBC. Conventional intermediate bulk containers can fracture or break under such pressures but the A330 Shipper’s unique design absorbs and flexes in response to the stress demands with a greater strength-to-weight ratio than steel.

See the Bulk Packaging page on this company's website.

Types of Bulk Packaging

  • Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) & Totes
  • Liners


  • Plastic

Package Types:

  • Bulk/Industrial Heavy Duty Industrial Sack Package Type Icon
    Heavy Duty Industrial Sack
  • Bulk/Industrial IBCs/Tote Package Type Icon