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AGC Heat Transfer Inc.

10129 Piper Ln Bristow, VA 20136 United States

AGC Heat Transfer, Inc. is the leading supplier of sanitary plate heat exchangers in North America. By manufacturing plate heat exchangers specifically designed for sanitary applications, we’ve designed and developed plates that meet 3-A Sanitary Standards and outperform those made by other brands. Our services, including our patented PlateCheck process, bring new ways to check that your equipment is in good condition to produce safe products efficiently. And our custom frames and plate packs are built to withstand the high demands of the beverage and food industries.

Food & Beverage Processing Equipment

AGC Heat Transfer Inc. - Food & Beverage Processing Equipment Product Image

AGC offers a diverse range of stainless steel clad heat exchangers with tie-bolt frames, self-actuated pumps, and shutter nozzles for sanitary processing applications like dairy, food, and beverage. Highlighted in the product line is AGC’s steel clad line of heat exchangers with tie-bolt frames known for their reliability in sanitary processing applications like dairy, food, and beverage. These units boast superior strength, a higher pressure rating, and a robust frame construction, such as polished tube steel for end support. Additionally, AGC offers the XP range of frames with a lower pressure rating, perfect for heater/cooler applications and utilities.

See the Food & Beverage Processing Equipment page on this company's website.

Types of Food & Beverage Processing Equipment

  • Heat Exchangers
  • Pumps, Valves, Fittings & Piping


  • Dry process
  • Hygienic (low-moisture)
  • Skid-mounted
  • Washdown (wet)
  • Wet
  • Wet process