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ALOE Group

7030 Stress Engineering Way Mason, OH 45040-7386 United States

Advanced Logistics Optimization through Engineering (ALOE) Group takes a different approach to logistics, packaging, and transportation—one that uses science, data, and new tech to transform your operations. No matter how many times people say “logistics company” we’re just not comfortable with that title. We help companies see problems that were previously unseeable. And we solve them. Fast. ALOE Group, as part of Stress Engineering Services, has 27+ years experience in managing large amounts of data, performing stress and product testing, and providing predictive analytics. We’ve seen time and again how applying all this experience to the logistics industry transforms operations. The average ALOE customer starts seeing up to 30% savings within three months.

Plant Operations

ALOE Group, LLC - Palletizing Product Image

ALOE Group’s PalletMax software helps shipping operations optimize the entire package system and create savings. Primary packages may get the most effort, but significant savings is found in case-level packaging. PalletMax software helps users optimize case configurations. Even small variations in case-level packaging can increase product density and decrease the number of trucks required to ship loads. ALOE Group will optimize the packaging system using computational tools—delivering significant savings. PalletMax helps users increase product density and decrease trucks required to ship loads.

See the Plant Operations page on this company's website.

Types of Plant Operations

  • Pallet Configuration Software


  • Food-grade