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American Packaging Machinery

2550 S. Eastwood Drive Woodstock, IL 60098 United States

American Packaging Machinery, Inc. Designs and manufactures heavy duty high performance shrink packaging and shrink bundling machinery intended for three shift applications in the most demanding industrial environments.

Wrapping Equipment

American Packaging Machinery - Wrapping Equipment Product Image

American Packaging Machinery manufactures heavy-duty, high performance shrink packaging equipment. The MS series of horizontal cross-seal continuous motion shrink wrappers features side seal and trim film enclosures and come in four versions to accommodate a variety of applications. Other shrink wrappers include the MS vertical cross shrink wrappers, ML series horizontal cross-seal wrappers and the ML series of vertical cross seal machines. American Packaging Machinery also designs and manufactures its own shrink tunnels.

See the Wrapping Equipment page on this company's website.

Types of Wrapping Equipment

  • Shrink Wrappers & Heat Tunnels - Single Item


  • Automatic
  • Plastic

Multipacking Equipment

American Packaging Machinery - Multipacking Equipment Product Image

American Packaging Machinery, Inc. supplies shrink bundling machinery with several series of machines, featuring the MIC Series automatic in-line bundlers, designed to handle single and double-stacked containers . The MIC shrink wrapper handle products such as fruits, jellies, peanut butter, and marinades as well as water, juice, milk and carbonated beverages. Features a belt- to-belt infeed with seal bar sizes up to 30-in. wide x 10-in. high. Other series include the MRA automatic shrink bundling system, incorporating a ninety degree product in-feed to provide an individual or a multi-pack for supported and unsupported products. The MCMC series is a compact, high-speed automatic shrink wrapping system for trayed products featuring a servo drive-controlled, continuous motion seal carriage.

See the Multipacking Equipment page on this company's website.

Types of Multipacking Equipment

  • Shrink Wrappers & Heat Tunnels - Multiple Items


  • Automatic
  • Semi-automatic

Package Types:

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