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Ametek Mocon is an instrument manufacturer and services provider with primary technologies focusing on gas analysis and control. We are pioneers, with more than 50 years designing, developing, selling and servicing precision gas measurement instruments for critical applications. Our product brands are the leaders in their market space. Our founding expertise was based in gas analysis and measurement, which have been applied to develop world-leading permeation analyzers, headspace MAP gas analyzers, leak detectors, gas mixers, on-line MAP gas analyzers and controllers, industrial gas chromatographs, hydrocarbon analyzers, and OEM PID sensors.

Packaging Inspection Equipment

AMETEK MOCON - Packaging Inspection Equipment Product Image

To help ensure that the various components of packaging systems – such as relief valves, closures, seams, and induction seals – are working to specifications, Ametek Mocon offers package testing instruments including headspace MAP Gas Analyzers, permeation analyzers, and package leak detectors. Vast line of analyzers check finished packages for leak, burst, creep, seal strength, and permeation characteristics to quantify the performance of packages and help packagers trend and compare production output over time. Featured products include the Dansensor® LeakMatic ll, a non-destructive automated leak tester that identifies leaky packages after they’ve left the packaging machine.

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Types of Packaging Inspection Equipment

  • Package Integrity Testing


  • Automatic
  • Manual
  • Offline
  • Online
  • Pilot/lab
  • Semi-automatic

Package & Material Testing Equipment

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Ametek Mocon provides a complete line of package testing products and barrier film permeation analyzers to help ensure production lines are working. Broad range of package testing products includes testing systems for leaks, leak hole size, headspace (MAP) gas composition, seal strength, creep/burst limits, gas permeability through both barriers and whole finished packaging. Online modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) gas mixing and gas analysis products perform real-time process quality assurance and process control to help keep lines running. Ametek Mocon offers automated and programmable quality control features that help workers test more efficiently for package leaks, package integrity or gas permeation through packages.

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Types of Package & Material Testing Equipment

  • Analyzers
  • Packaging Material Testing


  • Manual
  • Offline
  • Online
  • Pilot/lab

QA Lab

AMETEK MOCON - QA Lab Product Image

Ametek Mocon offers a range of testing, sensors, permeation analyzers and detectors used in R&D laboratories, such as the OpTech-02 Model P oxygen analyzer system for oxygen measurement and shelf-life determination. Ametek Mocon’s programmable test protocols support product-specific MAP recipes and customized test methods, to ensure when customers change over from one product to another, QA/QC testing is also changed with ease.

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Types of QA Lab

  • Lab Equipment
  • Lab Infrastructure
  • Lab Services


  • Pilot/lab

Packaging Services

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Amtek Mocon’s experts and high-performance testing equipment can assist customers in understanding permeation, package integrity and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) problems fast. Services range from investigating the barrier of a new potential material, to researching extra permeation testing capacity during surge demand periods to optimizing packaging R&D MAP and seal integrity efforts. Permeation Testing of barrier films and packages to ASTM and international standards, include testing of packaging materials (coatings, multilayered materials, coated paper, simple polymers), finished packages (flexible and rigid) and packaging components such as gaskets, seals, closures and dispensers.

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Types of Packaging Services

  • Package Testing Services