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Apex Machine Company

3000 Northesat 12th Terrace Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334 United States

Engineers of customized parts handling and printing systems for three dimensional components and products. The range of machines and machine types offered by Apex Machine Company is extremely broad, providing parts handling and printing solutions for an extremely diverse range of products, parts and components. Each machine is typically fully customized, or even designed from scratch, to suit the specific requirements of each customer.

Printing Presses & Decorating Equipment

Apex Machine Company - Printing Presses & Decorating Equipment Product Image

Apex Machine offers options for the handling and printing of various different substrates and product geometries. A variety of machine types and handling systems are available and these can be configured for full color CMYK printing, with the option of a white base coat where required. Most machine types can additionally be configured with standard dry offset, flexo and/or hot foiling stations where required.

See the Printing Presses & Decorating Equipment page on this company's website.

Types of Printing Presses & Decorating Equipment

  • Digital Printing Presses
  • Flexo Presses
  • Offset Presses