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Ascend Packaging Systems, LLC.

3885 Industrial Ave. Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 United States

Thomas Packaging offers the resources of a company that has been around for five decades, combined with the equipment from globally known manufacturing brands. We have an extensive line of products and the ability to manufacture the tooling or change parts you need in-house.

Dry Fillers

Ascend Packaging Systems, LLC - Dry Fillers Product Image

Ascend Packaging Systems supplies slat fillers for the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry requires an attention to detail and another level of compliance higher than most other markets. Preventing cross-contamination and running clean operation is vital to the end product, but it also adds time to the overall process. Bridging the gap between the goals of compliance and efficient operations in bottle-filling machines is the SureFill 300 Slat Filler, which is capable of throughput of up to 300 bottles per minute, providing the high productivity in bottle-filling applications. Slat filler features an open design that provides total access for easy cleaning, inspection, and changeover, as well as Allen Bradley PLC controls with open architecture for easy validation and support.

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Types of Dry Fillers

  • Tablet Counters

Blister & Clamshell Packaging Equipment

Ascend Packaging Systems, LLC - Blister & Clamshell Packaging Equipment Product Image

The Argentecnica S-100 continuous blister machine is intended for small-scale, continuous blister packaging batches of up to 10,000 packs. Designed for companies that need blister packaging and have limited space in their facility, this system offers a small footprint for small R&D labs or production rooms while still operating like a larger production-sized unit. The S-100 provides multiple benefits including its balcony-style configurations for accessibility and its capability to run with all types of film and foil materials, including thermoform and cold form packs. It is ideal for small to medium production batches.

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Types of Blister & Clamshell Packaging Equipment

  • Clamshell & Blister Loading Equipment


Ascend Packaging Systems, LLC - Conveyors Product Image

The SureClean conveyor belt is marketed as the first sanitary conveyor designed and built specifically for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. The primary focus in its patented design was to eliminate places where spilled product could collect or accumulate. This innovation minimizes cleaning times and accelerates overall process.

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Types of Conveyors

  • Tabletop Conveyors

Package & Material Testing Equipment

Ascend Packaging Systems, LLC - Package & Material Testing Equipment Product Image

Ascend Packaging supplies the Table-Top MediScan for leak testing pouches and sachets. The Sepha MediScan pouch leak tester detects leaks as small as 10 microns in pouches, sachets, and flexible bags. The test method is pre-programmed into the equipment to remove any trace of operator subjectivity, which permits easier validation. The unit itself fits on a table top and is an excellent solution for R&D labs with limited space and where packs need to be changed regularly. The MediScan is designed and built to offer quick and easy operation to provide objective, validatable results.

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Types of Package & Material Testing Equipment

  • Packaging Material Testing

Package Types:

  • Flexible Bag Package Type Icon
  • Flexible Pouch Package Type Icon
  • Flexible Sachet Package Type Icon

Cartoning Equipment

Ascend Packaging Systems, LLC - Cartoning Equipment Product Image

Ascend offers different styles of cartoners designed for blister and bottle filling lines. Ascend's machines handle applications ranging from tuck and fold to hot melt-style sealing to accommodate user specifications. Ascend also offers track and trace serialization for its cartoners and can also provide any required auxiliary equipment such as transition conveyors, inspection systems, stackers, inserters, and other options that may be needed.

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Types of Cartoning Equipment

  • Carton Erect/Load/Seal (Integrated)


  • Robotic
  • Robotic loading
  • Semi-automatic

Package Types:

  • Rigid Bottle or Jar Package Type Icon
    Bottle or Jar

Additional Offerings

Bottle Fillers; Slat Filler and Electronic Counters Blister Tooling, including Form, Seal, Perf, and Cutting Dies, Guide Tracks, and Cartoner Parts. Thermoformers form table-top to fully automated solutions. Non Destructive Leak Detection and Deblistering Solutions.

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