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AT Information Products

777 Corporate Drive Floor 2 Mahwah, NJ 07430 United States

AT Information Products offers a broad line of Markoprint® and AUTOPRINT® industrial inkjet printers and inks to identify and code products, unit packages, and outer shipping cartons. The technologies we offer are quickly replacing outdated legacy print methods that no longer meet the needs of manufacturers in a world transitioning to environmental sustainability.

Feeding & Inserting Equipment

AT Information Products, Inc. - Feeding & Inserting Equipment Product Image

High-speed feeding systems go hand-in-hand with Markoprint printers to allow for the coding of various packaging materials, including flat boxes, cartons, hang cards, sleeves and pouches. Available as standalone friction feeders or fully integrated feeding/coding systems, AT Information's packaging feeders are designed to feed items reliably and consistently across different thicknesses. Machines include the RF Case feeder, handling the automatic feeding of outer case packaging such as boxes in their flat form, and the RF Pouch, using vacuum pick-and-place technology to convey various flat bags, pouches and other flexible materials.

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Types of Feeding & Inserting Equipment

  • Placement/Feeder Systems

Coding & Marking

AT Information Products, Inc. - Coding & Marking Product Image

Markoprint® industrial inkjet coders from AT Information Products include the X1Jet MK3, a compact and powerful system based on HP thermal technology. Designed as a printer and microcontroller all in one with a three-button operation, this compact system is available in different, upgradable system versions and handles applications including coated/uncoated materials found in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical, consumer goods and more. AT Information Products also offers large character, two-color inkjet systems such as the Integra PP108 Bicolor.

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Types of Coding & Marking

  • Inkjet Coders

Standalone Printers

AT Information Products, Inc. - Standalone Printers Product Image

AT Information Product partners with Markoprint to offer integrated label applicators and unwind rewind label printers that are able to code pre-printed labels with variable information. The Reel-to-Reel Label Printer provides a table-top platform for coding just-in-time labels using a Markoprint thermal inkjet coder. The reel-to-reel mechanism allows users to simultaneously print, count and rewind label stock. The system easily prints date codes, lot/serial numbers, barcodes and logos.

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Types of Standalone Printers

  • Tabletop Printers