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Atlas Vac Machine

9150 Reading Rd Cincinnati, OH 45215-3343 United States

Atlas Vac is the industry standard recognized for technical excellence in the design and manufacture of medical device tray sealers used in cleanroom production.Atlas Vac Machine has been delivering professional grade blister sealers or tray sealing equipment, and tooling, to the medical device industry for decades longer than any other manufacturer. The medical packaging equipment market is our specialty, not an add-on profit center to a wider commercial equipment line. Look at our product line. You will not see general or commercial blister sealers converted to medical or pharmaceutical use.

Pre-made Tray/Cup/Bowl Packaging Equipment

Atlas Vac Machine - Pre-made Tray/Cup/Bowl Packaging Equipment Product Image

Atlas Vac Machine is an original equipment manufacturer of a full range of medical device tray sealers as well as blister and tray sealers for pharmaceutical and hygienic consumer product applications. Highlighted machines from the product line include the 1830S Electric Tray Sealer, featuring a heat sealing area of 18 x 30 in. (45.7cm x 76.2cm), with other sizes on request. Other machine features include a servo-driven press assembly and a horizontally oriented light curtain system that is Class 3 OSHA compliant with separate safety circuitry. Other highlighted machines include the manually operated 1518S Single Shuttle Medical Device Tray Sealer with a manually operated single shuttle and the 1518 Dual Shuttle sealer.

See the Pre-made Tray/Cup/Bowl Packaging Equipment page on this company's website.

Types of Pre-made Tray/Cup/Bowl Packaging Equipment

  • Denest/Fill/Seal (Integrated)
  • Tray, Cup & Bowl Sealing


  • Inline
  • Manual
  • Pre-cut lidding
  • Semi-automatic

Package Types:

  • Rigid Tray Package Type Icon

Additional Offerings

Tooling and Field Calibration