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AutoPak Engineering Corp.

PO Box 9024155 San Juan, PR 00902-4155 United States

AutoPak Engineering Corporation manufactures a range of material handling technology including custom automation equipment, sanitary stainless steel conveyors, packing lines ancillary equipment and performs integration services for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. Its entire range of automation solutions ensure flexibility, consistency and quality for the conveying of small- to medium-sized products. With over 25 years of engineering expertise, AutoPak’s solutions are designed to meet specific customer requirements. AutoPak also troubleshoots and trains customers in the proper use and maintenance of its products.

Product & Package Handling

AutoPak Engineering Corp. - Ingredient & Product Handling Equipment Product Image

Autopak manufactures ancillary equipment used in material handling applications including transfer plates, diverters and stops, reject receivers, spacing wheels, reject devices and related equipment.

See the Product & Package Handling page on this company's website.

Types of Product & Package Handling

  • Diverters & Rejects

Case Packing Equipment

AutoPak Engineering Corp. - Case Packing Equipment Product Image

Automated case packing equipment from Autopak includes a high-speed vial tray loader and a flexible bulk case packer for packing pouches, bags, bottles and cartons. Autopak also supplies customized end-of-line packaging equipment.

See the Case Packing Equipment page on this company's website.

Types of Case Packing Equipment

  • Case or Tray Loaders