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330 N Ross St PO Box 434 Beaverton, MI 48612 United States

BMG delivers innovative and sustainable turnkey solutions to meet today’s global packaging needs. Brown Machine has grown to include several brands that specialize in forming, tooling and automation. These brands are Brown, Lyle, GN, Freeman, NAS and aXatronics. BMG machines are proudly designed and made in the USA and Canada. We support our customers around the world from our offices in the USA, Canada & Czech Republic. Our expert service technicians are available 24/7 for equipment support.

Wrapping Equipment

Brown Machine Group - Wrapping Equipment Product Image

The NAS model HTS vertical wrapper is an automated wrapping system that utilizes center folded roll stock to sleeve product into a bag, reducing manual labor and eliminating the need for pre-made bags. The model HTS vertical wrapper is available in various seal assembly configurations to make bags from 3″ x 3″ up to 66″ x 24″ with an adjustable seal assembly opening of 6″ to 24″. Models are available for both pneumatic and servo-driven operations as well as a dual-jaw configuration. All NAS wrappers are capable of sealing polyethylene, polyolefin, bubble and poly mailing utilizing a patented low-temperature sealing system without the need of change parts.

See the Wrapping Equipment page on this company's website.

Types of Wrapping Equipment

  • Overwrappers
  • Shrink Wrappers & Heat Tunnels - Single Item


  • Automatic
  • Dual lane
  • Manual
  • Plastic
  • Semi-automatic

Package Types:

  • Flexible Vacuum Shrink Pack Package Type Icon
    Vacuum Shrink Pack

Case Packing Equipment

Brown Machine Group - Case Packing Equipment Product Image

The NAS ComPack series case packer is designed for applications where floor space is limited. Packer is designed to erect cases and pack product sequentially within the same machine. The unit is designed to handle a wide range of products produced from either plastic or paper with user friendly controls and available in top and/or side load or fed from multiple lanes. The case packer can be configured with many options to meet end-of-line needs.

See the Case Packing Equipment page on this company's website.

Types of Case Packing Equipment

  • Case or Tray Erect/Load/Seal (Integrated)
  • Case or Tray Erectors & Formers
  • Case or Tray Loaders
  • Case Sealers


  • Adhesive
  • Auto load
  • Automatic
  • Bottom load
  • E-commerce
  • Horizontal/End/Side Load
  • Manual
  • Manual load
  • Robotic
  • Robotic loading
  • Semi-automatic
  • Stapling
  • Tamper-evident
  • Tape
  • Tool-less changeover
  • Vertical/Top/drop load

Package Types:

  • Flexible Bag Package Type Icon
  • Semi-Rigid Blister for Tablets Package Type Icon
    Blister for Tablets
  • Semi-Rigid Blister Pack (Retail) Package Type Icon
    Blister Pack (Retail)
  • Rigid Bottle or Jar Package Type Icon
    Bottle or Jar
  • Semi-Rigid Brick Pack (Laminate) Package Type Icon
    Brick Pack (Laminate)
  • Rigid Can or Canister Package Type Icon
    Can or Canister
  • Rigid Carton (Folding) Package Type Icon
    Carton (Folding)
  • Rigid Carton (Gabletop) Package Type Icon
    Carton (Gabletop)
  • Rigid Cartridge Package Type Icon
  • Semi-Rigid Clamshell Package Type Icon
  • Rigid Cup, Bowl or Tub Package Type Icon
    Cup, Bowl or Tub
  • Bulk/Industrial Lined Case Package Type Icon
    Lined Case
  • Semi-Rigid Portion Pack Cup Package Type Icon
    Portion Pack Cup
  • Flexible Pouch Package Type Icon
  • Semi-Rigid Sleeve Package Type Icon
  • Semi-Rigid Thermoformed Semi-rigid Pack Package Type Icon
    Thermoformed Semi-rigid Pack
  • Rigid Tray Package Type Icon
  • Semi-Rigid Tube (Flexible) Package Type Icon
    Tube (Flexible)
  • Flexible Vacuum Shrink Pack Package Type Icon
    Vacuum Shrink Pack
  • Semi-Rigid Vacuum Skin Pack Package Type Icon
    Vacuum Skin Pack

Additional Offerings

Additional offerings can be found on the BMG website

The aXatronics C-RUSH System automatically removes sidewalls from high-speed, vertical die-cutters (blankers) and robotically places the sidewalls into work-in-progress containers. The turn-key system uses a single, uniquely designed robotic end-of-arm-tool (EOAT) to automatically unload a multilane die-cutter before placing each stack of sidewalls into a tote. Lane handling and stacking configuration includes interleaving tier sheets and stacking patterns engineered to each cup’s specifications. The C-RUSH System automatically changes its configuration with no operator intervention when changing dies.

See the additional offerings on the company's website.