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Bodolay Packaging Machinery

2401 Airport Road Plant City, FL 33563 United States

Bodolay specializes in packaging equipment for pre-made bags and form/fill/seal needs. We have provided packaging equipment to a variety of industries for more than 50 years in cosmetics, wet and dry snacks, pet food, and tobacco to name a few. Our unique positioning allows us to offer highly customized products to fit consumer needs. Our individualized systems are designed to be simplistic and easily compatible with zippers, gussets, augers, conveyors, scales, checkweighers, metal detectors, and so much more. No project is too complex or custom.


Bodolay Packaging Machinery - Form/Fill/Seal Product Image

Bodolay Packaging Machinery’s horizontal form/fill/seal runs at speeds up to 100 ppm. Optional features of the hf/f/s system include zipper applicator and gusset former options as well as non-wash down or wash down versions. Machine handles dry and wet food snacks, as well as pet foods, shredded cheese, cosmetics, toiletries, powders, hardware, seeds and tobacco products.

See the Form/Fill/Seal page on this company's website.

Types of Form/Fill/Seal

  • Horizontal Form/Fill/Seal
  • Zipper/Reclosure Applications


  • Aseptic
  • Automatic
  • Controlled atmosphere packaging
  • Dairy 3A
  • Entry-level/budget models available
  • Fitment
  • Heat seal
  • Hygienic (low-moisture)
  • IIoT ready
  • Inline
  • Intermittent motion
  • Modified atmosphere packaging
  • PackML controls architecture
  • Powder
  • Stand-up pouch
  • Tool-less changeover
  • Tri-seal bags
  • Two-stage filling
  • Washdown (wet)
  • Zipper

Package Types:

  • Flexible Bag Package Type Icon
  • Flexible Pouch Package Type Icon
  • Flexible Sachet Package Type Icon
  • Flexible Stand-up Pouch Package Type Icon
    Stand-up Pouch

Additional Offerings

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