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Colquimica Adhesives

2205 Beltway Boulevard Suite 200 Charlotte, NC 28214 United States

We are a global industrial group dedicated for almost 70 years to development, manufacturing and delivering of adhesives for several industrial applications. Our adhesives are part of people’s daily lives, included in a wide range of products, such as: packaging, food and personal hygiene products, and many more. We have built and consolidated a high-profile position in the international hot melt adhesive market. Our consolidated international experience allows us to understand different cultures and to provide the best solutions to improve products. We have two production units in Portugal, one in Poland and one in United States, Charlotte. The strategic location of our factories as well as our installed production capacity, allow us to fulfill our orders in short delivery times and in many different locations. The versatility of our production lines allows us to present products in different formats, being able to adapt to the market’s needs.


Colquimica Adhesives - Consumables Product Image

Industrial, hot-melt adhesives from Colquímica Adhesives are developed to respond to the most complex requirements of customer target markets, such as Kmelt Evolution for packaging applications, Ksticks brand hot-melt adhesives in glue-in-stick format, Kolwater brand water-based adhesives, and Koldex brand adhesives for labeling. Other products include the Kmelt Technology, Kmelt Ultra and Kmelt Extend ranges, for the paper bags and other packaging.

See the Consumables page on this company's website.

Types of Consumables

  • Adhesives


  • Bio-based
  • Coextruded