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Craemer US Corporation

Brocker Strasse 1 Herzebrock-Clarholz, 33442 Germany

The Germany-based Craemer Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of durable logistics solutions and boasts over 50 years of experience in plastics processing. The portfolio of the family owned and operated company group includes plastic pallets for a wide variety of requirements and an extensive range of transport and storage containers as well as wheeled waste bins. Craemer plastic products are made from polyethylene in durable, field-tested high quality. All the moulds needed for production are made by Craemer’s own tool making facility that came into being when the company was founded for metal forming 110 year ago.

Pallet Conveying, Dispensers & Slip Sheets

Craemer US Corporation - Pallet Conveying, Dispensers & Slip Sheets Product Image

Craemer Group’s CR and TC series plastic pallets are designed for handling heavy duty loads and for use in high rack warehouses or automated processes within a variety of industries. The made-for-U.S., high-quality CR4-5 is made from PE, equipped with steel reinforcement rods for increased load capacity and 100% recyclable. Palgrip® anti-slip strips on the top deck ensure maximum load safety. Craemer’s TC fully closed hygiene plastic pallets are ideally suited for heavy-duty loads and prove their worth in all areas where permanent protection against moisture is essential. For absolute reliable load securing, all models within the TC range are available with a full-surface Palgrip® anti-slip deck. The patented Craemer welding seam geometry sets this pallet type apart from the rest of the closed plastic pallets market. Its high-strength welds and innovative honeycomb structure make Craemer TC pallets exceptionally resistant to impact; they are suitable for heavy duty loads for clean room applications in the pharmaceutical or food industries.

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Types of Pallet Conveying, Dispensers & Slip Sheets

  • Pallets & Slip Sheets


  • Automatic
  • Closed loop (industrial)
  • Manual
  • Semi-automatic