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Dixie Canner Company

326 Commerce Blvd Athens, GA 30606-0824 United States

Dixie Canner Company manufactures can seamers, retorts and food processing equipment in Athens, Georgia, USA. Our can seamers and retorts fill the need for low-volume canning and packaging machinery for the food and beverage, ingredients and gourmet, industrial products, pharmaceutical, and specialty products industries around the world.

Food & Beverage Processing Equipment

Dixie Canner Company - Food & Beverage Processing Equipment Product Image

Retorts and food processing equipment from Dixie Canner Co. are trusted by leading global brands for such applications as R&D and pilot programs, specialty product processing and package integrity testing. Retort machines include the Dixie RDWS-3SS retort for in-container sterilization, heat processing for food and pharmaceutical industries. Dixie Canner also supplies retort accessories and equipment such as pressure regulators, cast iron pipe line strainers, retort thermometers, pressure gauges and more. In addition to its retort equipment, Dixie supplies food processing equipment such as line exhausters, lye peeler-scalders, steam blancher-coolers for processing peaches, pears, potatoes and tomatoes.

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Types of Food & Beverage Processing Equipment

  • Raw Material Preparation Equipment
  • Retort & Sterilization


  • Entry-level/budget models available
  • Pilot/lab
  • Wet

Rigid container closing equipment

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With expertise in can seamers developed since its first hand crank machines were manufactured in 1895, Dixie Canner Company today supplies a wide range of can seaming equipment used in low-volume, semi-automatic can seaming and market testing of new products. Machines include: atmospheric can seamers, vacuum can seamers, direct drive can seamers, vacuum with gas flush can seamers, as well as multi-flush can seamers. Featured units in the Dixie Canner product line are Direct Drive atmospheric can seamers, designed to be tough, fast and precise. Model 25D-TWIN-AL double can seamer is capable of seaming up to 30 cans/min.

See the Rigid container closing equipment page on this company's website.

Types of Rigid container closing equipment

  • Can Seaming Equipment


  • Gas flush
  • Manual
  • Pilot/lab
  • Semi-automatic
  • Vacuum sealing

Package Types:

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    Can or Canister