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4119 Fordleigh Road Baltimore, MD 21215 United States

FILAMATIC provides the widest range of liquid filling equipment while delivering the lowest cost of ownership to our customers. We excel in flexible, customized solutions for every stage of your business growth. Whether you require a single machine, a complete turnkey solution, or a fully-automated, integrated monobloc system, we have the experience to ensure your satisfaction is exceeded.

Liquid Fillers

FILAMATIC - Liquid Fillers Product Image

Filamatic is an original equipment manufacturer of fillers for liquid filling applications, including semi automatic, inline, monobloc, handheld and peristaltic systems. Filamatic’s machinery line also extends to integrated filing systems such as fill/cap/label, in-case filling and other machines. Featured machines include the H Series, designed for quick, accurate and advanced straight-line filling. The horizontal position of the filling units allow for the ability to handle a wide variety of products from free-flowing or water-thin to viscous or thicker products. The H Series can accommodate up to 22 filling units for a production rate of 300 cpm and can fill a wide range of container shapes and sizes.

See the Liquid Fillers page on this company's website.

Types of Liquid Fillers

  • Flow Meter Fillers
  • Net Weight Fillers (Liquid)
  • Piston Fillers


  • Caustic/volatile chemicals
  • Inline
  • Liquids with particulates
  • Monoblock
  • Non-viscous liquids
  • Rotary
  • Viscous liquids


FILAMATIC - Cappers Product Image

Filamatic makes closing and capping systems for a wide range of applications. The Filamatic product line includes single and dual head cappers, servo cap tighteners as well as belt wheel capper, single/dual station servo chuck capper, rotary plugger/capper and rotary plugger/stopper machines. Featured products include the single or multi-head chuck, standalone CT-100 and CT-200 pneumatic, conveyed and indexed capping machines, designed to provide nearly all of the perks of fully automated, customized cappers but at an economical price. The Servo Chuck Capper is a servo-motor driven/PLC controlled capper designed to provide precise application torque and servo controlled feedback and automatically apply and tighten the cap to the desired application torque at 30 cpm; dual head capper handles up to 50 cpm.

See the Cappers page on this company's website.

Types of Cappers

  • Press-on Cappers
  • Retorquers
  • Roll-on Cappers
  • Screw Cappers


  • Automatic
  • Manual
  • Semi-automatic

Package Types:

  • Rigid Ampoule or Vial Package Type Icon
    Ampoule or Vial
  • Rigid Bottle or Jar Package Type Icon
    Bottle or Jar