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2434 Commerce Blvd Mound, MN 55364 United States

Since 1924, GEORGII KOBOLD has been known as a premium electromechanical drive system manufacturer. GEORGII KOBOLD currently employs 85 highly qualified and highly motivated employees, all of which make customer service their top priority.

Controls, Software & Components

GEORGII KOBOLD LLC - Controls, Software & Components Product Image

Georgii Kobold is a manufacturer of a diverse range of motors, from brushless DC servo to three-phase induction, and a variety of gearings, including inline planetary and magnetic. The company offers motors and gearboxes either as standalone products or seamlessly integrated into a single product with various drive options. The product lineup includes torque motors (KTY), geared motors in stainless steel, hygienic motors, and geared motors (KSY-HD, KSG-HD), synchronous servo motors (KSY), integrated servo geared motors (KSG), Kobold magnetically-geared motors, distributed servo drives (KSD), digital AC servo drive systems (KTx, KMx), asynchronous servo motors (KSA), AC brake motors (KOD-MB), and three-phase asynchronous motors (KOD). Additionally, the company offers asynchronous torque motors (KOD-DM, KSA-DM).

See the Controls, Software & Components page on this company's website.

Types of Controls, Software & Components

  • Drives & Motion Controls
  • Machine & Electrical Components
  • Motors, Encoders & Gearboxes


  • Hygienic (low-moisture)
  • Washdown (wet)