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GSM America

260 Durand Avenue Highpoint, NC 27263 United States

GSM (Guarding Safety Motion) was founded in Germany in 1995. Over the past 25 years since, the company has established itself as a world leader in safety guard fencing, doors and mezzanine platforms. Today, GSM has an international presence with more than 200 employees and headquarters in Germany, the United States and Poland. All of GSM’s machine guarding systems are designed and produced in accordance with OSHA requirements, European Machinery Directive requirements, the American ANSI/RIA standards and the Canadian CSA standards. They continually work to optimize their products and systems solutions, and all of their panels, posts and brackets are tested in accordance with impact testing recommendations.

Building Infrastructure

GSM America - Building Infrastructure Product Image

GSM’s supplies mezzanine platforms, machine guarding doors and machine guard fencing. Steel mezzanine platforms are carefully designed and engineered to allow personnel to safely work on or crossover active conveyors and machines. After a detailed analysis of the customer's needs followed by intensive project planning by its design team, GSM devises and produces tailor-made elevated platform solutions based on each workplace’s unique space specifications and other requirements. GSM also offers machine guarding doors as well as three lines of sturdy and durable machine guard fencing, each suitable for a variety of different demands and requirements.

See the Building Infrastructure page on this company's website.

Types of Building Infrastructure

  • Doors & Air Curtains
  • Mezzanines, Platforms & Stairs
  • Safety Infrastructure