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Holt Logistics Corp.

Greenwich Terminals LLC 3301 South Columbus Blvd Packer Ave Marine Terminal Philadelphia, PA 19148 United States

Holt Logistics Corp., through its independently managed affiliate companies, offers end-to-end port, warehouse, and logistics solutions for importers and exporters. Our vertically integrated supply chains solutions are designed to streamline and simplify our customers’ supply chains

Logistics Services

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Holt Logistics Corp. sells warehousing and distribution services in the Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey regions offering over 27 million cubic feet of refrigerated storage and 1.3 million square feet of dry space storage. Specializing in the handling of perishable cargoes such as fruit, meat, frozen concentrate, and dairy products as well as the handling of steel, Holt's facilities feature extensive computerized freezer, refrigerated, and temperature-controlled cold storage. In addition, Holt Cargo Systems LLC possesses the experience required to broker freight with precision, with a focus on speed and productivity. Whether freight is on one of the terminals, in a warehouse or still aboard a vessel, Holt logistics service group provides immediate attention to the freight and supply chain needs of its customer base.

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Types of Logistics Services

  • Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PLs)
  • Transportation Providers