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HRS Heat Exchangers

1395 South Marietta Pkwy SE Building 700, Suite 740 Marietta, GA 30067 United States

Founded in 1981, the HRS Group operates at the forefront of thermal technology, offering innovative and effective heat transfer products worldwide with a strong focus on managing energy efficiently. For 40 years, HRS products and systems have been used in such sectors as HEVAC, food manufacturing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, the water and energy industries, Waste-to-Energy and environmental protection.

Liquid Fillers

HRS Heat Exchangers - Liquid Fillers Product Image

The HRS AF Series is a range of single and dual head aseptic fillers used in bag-in-box and bag-in-drum type sterile packaging solutions. The AF Series has filling nozzles of 25 and 50 mm depending on the product, and works with pre-formed and pre-sterilized bags of between 5 and 1,000 L. The aseptic filler has been designed for high and low acidity products and can fill fluids, concentrates and products with particulates. Its automatic head design provides high filling speeds and performs motor driven vertical movements. Other features include automatic CIP cleaning, reliable weighing, control

See the Liquid Fillers page on this company's website.

Types of Liquid Fillers

  • Flow Meter Fillers
  • Pressure Fillers


  • Aseptic
  • Automatic
  • Monoblock
  • Semi-automatic

Package Types:

  • Rigid Bag-in-box for Liquids Package Type Icon
    Bag-in-box for Liquids
  • Bulk/Industrial IBCs/Tote Package Type Icon

Food & Beverage Processing Equipment

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HRS Heat Exchangers manufactures heat exchangers that fall into several categories: gasketed or brazed plate; shell and tube; corrugated tube; scraped surface; and others. HRS also produces rapid batch reactors, evaporators, calorifiers, and many other packaged units based around its product line of heat exchanger products.

See the Food & Beverage Processing Equipment page on this company's website.

Types of Food & Beverage Processing Equipment

  • Heat Exchangers