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Keymac USA LLC

8301 Arrowridge Blvd Ste I Charlotte, NC 28273-5791 United States

Keymac Packaging systems design, manufacture, and service a full line of primary packaging machines aimed at the food and non-food industries worldwide. The directors of Keymac have achieved much success and brought forth innovation that have become proven standards. Keymac is the industry leader in the packaging sector striving to advance our patented designs and capabilities.

Cartoning Equipment

Keymac USA - Cartoning Equipment Product Image

Keymac USA manufactures a range of fully automatic pre-glued sleeving machines for trays and bowls used in the ready-to-eat meals market. Featured products include the Keymac K50F Extended Pitch Sleever, a continuous motion automatic sleeving machine suitable for running large trays at speeds up to 30-35 packs per minute. The fully automatic machine is capable of inserting trays or tubs in square, round and oval shapes into pre-glued sleeves. Size changes can be achieved in less than 5 min. The machine’s simple design results in low maintenance requirements. Other machines include the K101 Tray Sleever, a fully-automatic continuous motion tray sleever that inserts a variety of tray or bowl formats into pre-glued sleeves at speeds up to 80 packs per minute. Explore Keymac’s sleevers in depth at their sleeving page, linked below.

Types of Cartoning Equipment

  • Sleevers