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13330 South Ridge Drive Charlotte, NC 28273 United States

LUTZE designs and manufactures control products for industrial automation and specializes in flexible and continuous motion industrial control, power and network cables. LUTZE offers grounding & wire management products such as CABLEFIX® cable entry systems, compact industrial power supplies, LOCC-Box electronic circuit breakers, AirSTREAM-wiring systems for control enclosures and cabinets, and LCIS relays for industrial applications. Efficiency in Automation!

Controls, Software & Components

LUTZE Inc. - Controls, Software & Components Product Image

LUTZE manufactures control components for industrial automation, specializing in electronic circuit breakers (ECBs), compact power supplies, relays and flexible and continuous motion control systems as well as power and network cables.

See the Controls, Software & Components page on this company's website.

Types of Controls, Software & Components

  • Machine & Electrical Components
  • Network Components


  • Washdown (wet)