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Magnuson CCM Corporation

7304 S Joliet St Ste 300 Centennial, CO 80112-4581 United States

For over 75 years, Magnuson CCM has been the world leader in sales of vegetable, fruit, nut, and meat processing machinery. We're the name you need to know if you peel, scrub or wash any type of food products. We are the recognized leader in pistachio hulling and single file feeding, with our “Shufflo Feeder”, and we manufacture the famous CCM (Computer Controlled Machines) line of corn processing machinery. Through our support, leadership, and innovation, we power you to greatness. More power to you.

Food & Beverage Processing Equipment

Magnuson Corporation - Food & Beverage Processing Equipment Product Image

Magnuson CCM supplies vegetable, fruit, nut, and meat processing machinery. Machinery includes peelers, vegetable feeders and corn processing equipment. Three Magnuson Trough Belt Feeder models can be used in versatile applications for processing cucumbers, carrots, zucchini, squash, potatoes, okra, onions, celery, rhubarb, chives and more. WSP Scrubber/Peelers are designed for high-capacity vegetable processing applications. The Magnuson CCM Automatic Corn Cutter is a self-contained production machine, where units are flexible enough to fit existing cutting room with little to no modification of existing conveyors.

See the Food & Beverage Processing Equipment page on this company's website.

Types of Food & Beverage Processing Equipment

  • Raw Material Preparation Equipment
  • Slicing, Dicing, Cutting & Shredding Equipment


  • Automatic
  • Dry process
  • Semi-automatic
  • Wet