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M.G.M. Electric Motors NA Inc.

269 Executive Drive Troy, MI 48034 United States

M.G.M. Motori Elettrici S.p.A.'s motors help to build and transform things like paper, cars, metals, wood, and in packaging things that we use in our everyday life. They have also supported OEM companies in planning and manufacturing their machines for more than 50 years. The company now has a presence in North America, with a staff of highly experienced engineers to support North American manufacturers with solutions for their brake motors needs. Their comprehensive range of MGM products offer each user the right brake motor for every task. The uncompromising quality of their products, all developed and constructed at their own plants, is the basis of their worldwide success.

Controls, Software & Components

M.G.M. Electric Motors USA Inc. - Controls, Software & Components Product Image

MGM is a supplier of brake motors, gear boxes and related industrial controls. MGM’s squirrel-cage motors and brake motors are designed to deliver the best performance and reliability combined with low or no maintenance. Designed for continuous duty also under tough service conditions, these brake motors are used wherever fast, precise, high cycling and safe braking are the application needs, such as in packaging machinery as well as in applications including palletizing, conveying, stacking, hoisting and for other packaging or processing tasks.

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Types of Controls, Software & Components

  • Motors, Encoders & Gearboxes


  • Explosion-proof