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Mingo Smart Factory

645 Denver St Ste100 Whitefish, MT 59937 United States

Mingo Smart Factory Software provides visibility into the factory floor by automatically collecting data from machines, devices, and people and putting it all into context. Mingo is revolutionizing manufacturing by offering a complete solution from sensors to data collection to analytics that provides real-time insights into the productivity of the factory. Those insights give a manufacturer the ability to reduce costs, ensure customer on-time delivery, and improve quality.

Controls, Software & Components

Mingo Smart Factory - Controls, Software & Components Product Image

Mingo Smart Factory's easy to use Manufacturing Productivity Platform software is designed to provide real-time visibility on the factory floor, improve on-time delivery, and increase revenue and profitability of manufacturing companies by replacing spreadsheet, paper, and manual reporting.

Types of Controls, Software & Components

  • Operator Interfaces/HMI
  • Production/Operations Software


  • Explosion-proof
  • Hygienic (low-moisture)
  • Washdown (wet)