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Nadella, Inc

14115 63rd Way N Clearwater, FL 33760 United States

Since the foundation in 1930, Nadella has developed over time from being a supplier for antifriction bearings, linear guide components and linear axes to a competent system partner for all areas of linear and rotational motion technology. Today, Nadella Group is an expert system partner for all areas of motion technology, with 8 specialized manufacturing plants, 14 main locations in Italy, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, United States and China and a worldwide sales network. Our Group brings innovative and long-standing brands under one roof with Nadella, Durbal, Chiavette Unificate, Shuton and Ipiranga motion solutions.

Controls, Software & Components

Nadella, Inc - Controls, Software & Components Product Image

Nadella is a supplier of linear and rotational motion products, including linear guides, linear axes, linear systems, heavy duty systems, circular systems, telescopic rails, bearings and cam followers, adjusting nuts and threaded rings, rod ends, and ball screws. Highlighted on the Nadella website product catalog are linear guide rails, divided into heavy and light load families, suitable for all applications where high speed and low noise are required and the operating environment is very aggressive. Nadella components are used in robotic, handler and pick-and-place place systems, packaging, machine tools, assembly machines, measure instruments, electro-medical machines, printing machines and more.

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Types of Controls, Software & Components

  • Drives & Motion Controls
  • Machine & Electrical Components