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Precision Torque Control, Inc.

220 Arrow Cove Midland, MI 48642 United States

Founded In 1995, Precision Torque Control, Inc., aims to deliver top-notch solutions at reasonable prices, while ensuring swift delivery. Primarily catering to the bottle capping and material tensioning sectors, Precision Torque invested in cutting-edge CNC machinery, which has played a crucial role in advancing the company’s capabilities. This, coupled with an experienced and well-trained team of machinists, product assemblers, engineers, designers, and sales consultants, has enabled the company to consistently supply customers with an exceptional end product. Precision Torque Control’s product line includes magnetic capping headsets, capping chucks, bottle capping parts, permanent magnetic units and magnetic particle units used in bottling and capping applications.

Specialty Equipment

Precision Torque Control, Inc. - Specialty Equipment Product Image

Precision Torque Control is a leading manufacturer of high quality bottle capping parts and components for filling machines and capping machines. Their selection includes bottle retention knives with anti-rotation features, capping chucks made from pre-hardened stainless steel that can be custom designed to fit various cap profiles, single piece and mechanical articulating jaw chucks, pneumatic chucks, flexible chucks, headsets that use magnetic technology to provide smooth torque and limit shock to the machine and neck handling components designed to reduce the risk of breakage or improper capping on a bottling line. They also provide OEM replacement spindles along with rebuild programs customized to customer needs. Precision Torque Control's products are designed for reliability and durability to reduce machine downtime.

See the Specialty Equipment page on this company's website.

Types of Specialty Equipment

  • Third-Party Replacement Parts

Package Types:

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    Bottle or Jar