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Preform Solutions, Inc.

3801 N 4th Ave Sioux Falls, SD 57104-0655 United States

Preform Solutions, Inc. is a custom PET preform molding company located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Since 2001, we specialize in the mid-range production of superior quality PET preforms for industries such as food, beverage, edible oil, dairy, household chemicals, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, automotive or other applications. From concept to production, we have created a single source company that ensures quality beginning with design concept and prototyping all the way through to the actual PET preform production for your container.


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Preform Solutions, Inc., is one of the largest custom PET preform manufacturers in North America. Preform Solutions offers a variety of custom PET preforms for various plastic bottle applications. Some popular markets we serve are condiments, beverages, liquor, edible oils, dairy, household chemicals, automotive, and other applications. See our catalog for all our PET preforms.

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Types of Containers

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  • Plastic

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