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RND Automation

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RND Automation is your trusted guide to fulfilling your immediate automation goals and helping you innovate for the future. While it’s true that our robotics, packaging and assembly platforms can make you more efficient and competitive, we go beyond, implementing machines that will improve your business.

Packaging Inspection Equipment

RND Automation - Packaging Inspection Equipment Product Image

The SureVac family of leak tester/bubble tester machines handle quality control for sanitary and sterile packaging by detecting gross leaks in a wide range of blister packs, pouches and medical device packaging. SureVac will test a sealed package in a water-filled vacuum chamber to a preset vacuum level for a set amount of time. Air bubbles are an indication of a leak. An immediate seal failure is indicated by a burst of the package in the water. The most common uses for SureVac leak testers in industry are altitude simulation, seal integrity testing and package development and a great tool for performing several ASTM tests.

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Types of Packaging Inspection Equipment

  • Package Integrity Testing

Package Types:

  • Rigid Cartridge Package Type Icon
  • Flexible Pouch Package Type Icon
  • Flexible Stand-up Pouch Package Type Icon
    Stand-up Pouch
  • Flexible Thermoformed Vacuum Pack Package Type Icon
    Thermoformed Vacuum Pack
  • Rigid Tray Package Type Icon
  • Flexible Vacuum Shrink Pack Package Type Icon
    Vacuum Shrink Pack


RND Automation - Form/Fill/Seal Product Image

RND Automation’s KANGA Poucher is a vertical form/fill/seal pouching system that forms four-sided pouches for the medical device, pharmaceutical, durable goods and other industries. Designed as an economical solution for companies that require flexibility for wide product diversity, the KANGA features a small footprint and comes with standard features including two-stage jam detection, digital pressure monitoring, servo control, hot swappable dies, guarded web rolls and Ethernet connectivity.

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Types of Form/Fill/Seal

  • Vertical Form/Fill/Seal


  • Quad-seal bags
  • Stand-up pouch

Package Types:

  • Flexible Bag Package Type Icon
  • Flexible Pouch Package Type Icon
  • Flexible Stand-up Pouch Package Type Icon
    Stand-up Pouch

Pre-made Tray/Cup/Bowl Packaging Equipment

RND Automation - Pre-made Tray/Cup/Bowl Packaging Equipment Product Image

RND Automation’s MediSeal semi-automatic tray sealer delivers an FDA Validatable seal process for medical device tray packaging applications. Available with single or dual independently controlled seal heads, the system requires preformed trays and precut sheets of pre-printed lid stock. This machine is best suited to target low-volume production environments or applications requiring frequent tool changes and for large format, high dollar medical devices. The MediSeal machine is fully validatable to make sure the package meets temperature, pressure and contact time requirements. The MediSeal Tray Sealer can produce up to 600 packages per hour depending on the number of cavities per rotation.

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Types of Pre-made Tray/Cup/Bowl Packaging Equipment

  • Tray, Cup & Bowl Sealing


  • Semi-automatic

Package Types:

  • Rigid Tray Package Type Icon

Robotic Integrators

RND Automation - Robotic Integrators Product Image

RND engineers, designs and manufactures robotic, packaging and assembly automation equipment and is an Authorized System Integrator for FANUC Robotics, a Platinum Level System Integrator for Epson Robotics and a Certified System Integrator for Universal Robots. Offering robotic automation options for any size manufacturer, RND offers a variety of packaging solutions for the medical device, pharma, and consumer product industries including robotic systems that handle roll-stock form/fill/seal, tray sealers, rigid blister sealers, thermoformers and leak testers, all custom-designed for the unique and demanding packaging applications of the end user.

See the Robotic Integrators page on this company's website.

Types of Robotic Integrators

  • Articulated Arm Robots/SCARA
  • Delta Robots
  • Gantry Robots


  • 0-1.5 m
  • 1.5-2.5 m
  • 2.5 m and above