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TC Transcontinental Packaging

8600 W Bryn Mawr Ave Ste 800N Chicago, IL 60631-4607 United States

TC Transcontinental Packaging is a leader in flexible packaging in the United States, with operations in Canada, Mexico, Guatemala and Ecuador. The sector has close to 4,000 employees, the majority of which are based in the United States. Its platform is comprised of one pre-media studio and 28 production plants specializing in extrusion, lamination, printing and converting.

Flexible Packaging

TC Transcontinental Packaging - Flexible Packaging Product Image

TC Transcontinental offers flexible packaging films, rollstock and bags. Using custom-engineered converting equipment in a multi-site platform to supply flexible packaging with lead times to keep up with demand while providing appealing bags and pouches that support convenience. Stand up pouches come with Standard K Seal, K Seal with Skirt, and Shaped Skirt bottom to accommodate a wide range of food and liquid products for weights up to 10 lb. For pet food, industrial, lawn and garden, and related applications, Quad Seal Bags feature a fold-over bottom and side-gusset format, offering four printable panels to maximize branding space; large size format makes them suitable for laying flat on store shelves.

See the Flexible Packaging page on this company's website.

Types of Flexible Packaging

  • Films for Converting
  • Finished Rollstock
  • Overwrap Films and Papers
  • Pre-made Bags


  • Liquids
  • Liquids with particulates
  • Oven-safe
  • Plastic
  • Powder
  • Solid pieces
  • Source reduced

Package Types:

  • Flexible Bag Package Type Icon
  • Bulk/Industrial Large Bag Package Type Icon
    Large Bag
  • Flexible Overwrap Package Type Icon
  • Flexible Pouch Package Type Icon
  • Flexible Sachet Package Type Icon
  • Flexible Stand-up Pouch Package Type Icon
    Stand-up Pouch
  • Flexible Thermoformed Vacuum Pack Package Type Icon
    Thermoformed Vacuum Pack


TC Transcontinental Packaging - Consumables Product Image

TC Transcontinental is a supplier of consumable materials including printed shrink films for individual products and multipacking applications, as well as stretch hood film for palletizing and load stabilization. Printed polyolefin shrink films offer source reduction benefits, retail display appeal and can be optimized for production line efficiencies. Integritite® durable proprietary blend shrink films for beverage packaging are engineered as high performance blends that can be used for case wrapping, multipacks, tall bottles, and other applications. Stretch hood films are engineered for pallet stability and minimizing product damage while offering outstanding display properties.

See the Consumables page on this company's website.

Types of Consumables

  • Shrink Films
  • Stretch Wrap


  • Plastic
  • Source reduced

Paperboard & Corrugated

TC Transcontinental Packaging - Paperboard & Corrugated Product Image

Transcontinental Ross-Ellis specializes in folding carton packaging designed to demand attention and create interest at first sight. To help market products successfully, the Transcontinental Ross-Ellis team of structural designers works with customers to create compelling folding carton packaging for them. Transcontinental Ross-Ellis offers an array of finishing options, including die cuts, foil stamping, embossing, laminating and UV or water-based coatings on different types of boards. Transcontinental Ross-Ellis creates many different carton materials and different custom designs for sectors including the clothing, cosmetics, food, financial, health and beauty, retail, vape boxes, wine and spirit industries.

See the Paperboard & Corrugated page on this company's website.

Types of Paperboard & Corrugated

  • Folding Cartons


  • Box
  • Carton
  • Divider
  • Litho-laminated
  • Microflute
  • Pad
  • Sleeve
  • Tray
  • Windows

Package Types:

  • Rigid Carton (Folding) Package Type Icon
    Carton (Folding)
  • Rigid Carton (Gabletop) Package Type Icon
    Carton (Gabletop)