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Tetra Pak Inc.

3300 Airport Road Denton, TX 76207 United States

Tetra Pak is a world leading food processing and packaging solutions company. Working closely with our customers and suppliers, we provide safe, innovative and environmentally sound products that each day meet the needs of hundreds of millions of people in more than 160 countries. With more than 25,000 employees around the world, we believe in responsible industry leadership and a sustainable approach to business. We are specialists in complete solutions for the processing, packaging and distribution of food products. Our solutions are specifically designed to be as economical with resources as possible. Dairy products, beverages, ice cream, cheese, food​ and vegetables and pet food are examples of products that can be processed or packaged in our processing and packaging lines.


Tetra Pak Inc. - Cappers Product Image

Tetra Pak has a wide range of cap application systems that handle closures for portion packs, family packs, chilled and ambient solutions. Among Tetra Pak’s capping systems are the Capper 30 by Trepak 0100, for running Tetra Pak E3 packaging, featuring a high-capacity storage cap hopper, additional stand-on platform for the operator and a high-speed cap elevator.

See the Cappers page on this company's website.

Types of Cappers

  • Overcappers
  • Press-on Cappers
  • Screw Cappers

Food & Beverage Processing Equipment

Tetra Pak Inc. - Food & Beverage Processing Equipment Product Image

Tetra Pak manufactures a vast array of equipment used for food processing, with a focus on cheese, ice cream and powder processing applications. Food processing equipment offered by Tetrapak includes blending, mixing, and spray drying equipment for food processing; forming and draining equipment for cheese production, ice cream extrusion, depositing and freezing equipment; and sifting, mixing and blending equipment for powder lines. Featured systems include the Tetra Pak® Ice Cream Filler range for automatic filling of ice cream, sorbet and water-ice products into cups and cones and the Tetra Pak® Chocolate Enrober.

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Types of Food & Beverage Processing Equipment

  • Centrifuges & Separators
  • Chillers, Freezers & Cooling Equipment
  • Coating, Enrobing, Seasoning & Decorating Machines
  • Depositors
  • Forming & Extruding Equipment
  • Mixing & Blending Equipment
  • Spray Dryers & Agglomerators


  • Dry process
  • Hygienic (low-moisture)
  • Washdown (wet)
  • Wet

Food & Beverage Processing Equipment

Tetra Pak Inc. - Food & Beverage Processing Equipment Product Image

Tetra Pak supplies a wide range of equipment for liquid processing applications for dairy and beyond, including homogenization systems, heat exchangers, evaporators and many other liquid processing machines. Featured liquid processing equipment includes the Tetra Pak® Evaporator Falling Film MVR, a fully automatic and continuous evaporation system. The evaporator​ is suitable for the production of the complete range of dairy products. Systems are customized per customer specifications and therefore available for a wide range of product compositions and capacities.

See the Food & Beverage Processing Equipment page on this company's website.

Types of Food & Beverage Processing Equipment

  • Evaporators & Distillation Equipment
  • Filtration Equipment
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Homogenizers


  • Aseptic
  • Dairy 3A
  • Hygienic (low-moisture)

Liquid Fillers

Tetra Pak Inc. - Liquid Fillers Product Image

Tetra Pak manufactures a vast range of liquid filling machines for aseptic brick pack applications ranging from juice and sauce to dairy and pet food. Featured fillers include the Tetra Pak A1 for Tetra Classic aseptic brick packs, designed as a reliable machine that is simple enough for one person to operate. Highly efficient use of utilities enables a low operating cost and a good environmental performance. This aseptic filler reaches production capacity up to 17,500 packs/hour for low unit cost. Machines feature easy conversion between five sizes and are designed for long production runs.

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Types of Liquid Fillers

  • Pressure Fillers


  • Aseptic
  • Automatic
  • Rotary

Package Types:

  • Semi-Rigid Brick Pack (Laminate) Package Type Icon
    Brick Pack (Laminate)


Tetra Pak Inc. - Accumulators Product Image

The Tetra Pak® Accumulator Helix 30​ accumulates packages safely between filling machines and downstream equipment, helping plants reduce filling machine stops, raise up-time and avoid eventual damage to packages queuing on the production line. Different models of space-efficient accumulators are optimized to work with different capacities, up to 24,000 p/h. Featured systems include The Helix 30 100 M, for smart and gentle handling of packages.

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Types of Accumulators

  • Spiral/Helical Accumulators


Tetra Pak Inc. - Conveyors Product Image

Tetra Pak applies the same attention to detail in designing downstream equipment as we do to our filling machines. Conveyors feature chains built to minimize vibrations and prevent package turning and large openings on the sides for easy accessibility during cleaning and inspection. Featured conveyors include the Tetra Pak Package Conveyor 23, featuring hygienic design (with options for extended hygiene) that runs Tetra Pak products at speeds of up to 65 m/min.

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Types of Conveyors

  • Tabletop Conveyors


  • Hygienic (low-moisture)

Paperboard & Corrugated

Tetra Pak Inc. - Paperboard & Corrugated Product Image

Tetra Pak offers a complete carton packaging range for water, milk, juice and other fresh liquid foods using aseptic and other processes. Tetra Pak containers are designed for consumer convenience, easy opening, optimal shelf life and the ability to give brands maximum exposure. Featured cartons include Tetra Pak’s Tetra Brik, available in six formats: Base, Mid, Slim, Square, Edge and Ultra Edge, and in a wide variety of volumes and shapes. Volumes span from 200 ml portion packs to 1000 ml family packs. Tetra Pak also supplies sustainable carton as part of its low-carbon circular economy line of packages made entirely from renewable and/or recycled materials that are fully recyclable without compromising on food safety requirements.

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Types of Paperboard & Corrugated

  • Folding Cartons


  • Anti-counterfeit
  • Carton
  • Recyclable
  • Recycled content
  • Tamper-evident

Package Types:

  • Semi-Rigid Brick Pack (Laminate) Package Type Icon
    Brick Pack (Laminate)