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Tri-Tronics Company

POB 25135 Tampa, FL 33622 United States

TRI-TRONICS is a leader in the fields of photoelectric sensors, rotary encoders and elevator door protection. Since 1954, we’ve stayed on the cutting edge so our products remain easy to use, install and maintain. We understand our customers have a job to do and have no time for issues. That is why every one of our products is individually tested for durability and reliability so they stand the test of time. All our products are assembled in the United States at our 28,000-sq. ft. facility in Tampa, FL. Our agile workforce attends to the needs of our customers—big or small—to complete requests with short turnaround times. TRI-TRONICS offers product customization and private labeling upon request.

Controls, Software & Components

Tri-Tronics Company, Inc. - Controls, Software & Components Product Image

Tri-Tronics is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality photoelectric sensors and fiber optic light guides for demanding industrial automation applications. Tri-Tronics sensors stand out for exceptional real-world performance, with output performance measurable in microseconds. In addition to advanced sensors, Photocraft, a division of Tri-Tronics, offers a range of high-quality optical rotary encoders. With over 40 years of proven service in harsh applications, Tri-Tronics encoders, including precision measuring wheels for conveyor and web applications, address various linear measuring needs. Choose from a selection of shaft, hollow-shaft incremental, and absolute rotary encoders adaptable to different industries. Tri-Tronics encoders can be user-configured for a range of CPR settings and custom features, ensuring they meet the specific requirements of each application.

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Types of Controls, Software & Components

  • Instrumentation, Sensors & Actuators
  • Motors, Encoders & Gearboxes