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Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions

5804 Rd 90 Suite D Pasco, WA 99301 United States

We are Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions, an innovative Dutch automation company with more than 30 years of experience developing the most efficient and longest lasting palletizers in the world. Our headquarter office and factory are located in The Netherlands with branch offices in both the United States (Washington State) and Asia (Dhaka, Bangladesh), allowing for extended sales and service coverage. Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions started the first palletizer in 1991, and continues with the legacy of providing industry leading equipment, first class service and a trustworthy reputation to our customers and loyal business partners around the world.


Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions - Palletizing Product Image

Verbruggen Palletizing offers palletizing solutions that handle any product customers need to stack, from potatoes, onions and carrots to bags of rice, flour and pet food as well as boxes or crates with smaller vegetables. The VPM Series of palletizers offers various options in capacity, speed and units to stack (bags, boxes, crates). Range of systems includes various automatic and semi-automatic palletizers, offering precise product stacking capabilities at any speed. Featured machines include the VPM 7-14 palletizer designed to stack bags from 12 to 40 bags/min., with a high-speed option that stacks up to 70 bags/min.

See the Palletizing page on this company's website.

Types of Palletizing

  • Pallet Configuration Software
  • Palletizers (Mechanical)


  • Bags
  • Cases
  • Containers
  • Floor-level
  • IIoT ready

Package Types:

  • Bulk/Industrial Heavy Duty Industrial Sack Package Type Icon
    Heavy Duty Industrial Sack
  • Bulk/Industrial Large Bag Package Type Icon
    Large Bag
  • Bulk/Industrial Lined Case Package Type Icon
    Lined Case

Load Stabilization

Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions - Load Stabilization Product Image

In addition to its line of palletizing systems, Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions offers three automatic wrapping machines for stabilizing pallets. The VAW wrapping machine wraps pallets with a high capacity using a robust swing arm, reaching 40 to 60 pallets/hr. The VTW-wrapping machine, usually integrated within a palletizing line, uses a turntable design and reaches capacities of up to 40 pallets/hr. The VSW standalone wrapping machine is equipped with a turntable and used separately from the palletizer, capable of speeds of up to 30 pallets/hr.

See the Load Stabilization page on this company's website.

Types of Load Stabilization

  • Stretch Wrappers


  • Semi-automatic