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Vibac Americas

12250 Boul. Industriel Montreal, QC H1B 5M5 Canada

Vibac is an adhesive tape manufacturer focused on the production of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes for box sealing and masking applications, as well as single and double sided tapes for special applications.


Vibac Americas - Consumables Product Image

Vibac, as an adhesive tape manufacturer, carefully develops self-adhesive tapes down to the smallest detail, taking into account their end use and users to satisfy even the most demanding customers. The range is diversified, offering various solutions in the fields of packaging, food, printing, automotive, and industry. In North America, Vibac offers adhesive tapes of all types, including case Sealing tapes coated with synthetic adhesive rubber (hot melt) that are suitable for all types of case sealing applications, both manual and automatic. They ensure high sealability of packaging in both storage and transport. Vibac's diverse range of tapes caters to various applications, and they also provide specialty tapes such as double-sided tapes, duct tapes, and filament tapes, meeting a wide spectrum of sealing and bonding needs.

Types of Consumables

  • Adhesives
  • Tape