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Flow Wrappers

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Flow wrappers are a specialized type of horizontal form/fill/seal (hf/f/s) machine that features a film reel mounted above the operating level, whereby the product is loaded horizontally and a longitudinal seal is formed below the pack. Typical applications include wrapping individual candy or granola bars. Are you planning to buy new bagging, pouching or wrapping equipment? Here are some guidelines for what to consider when planning your next purchase.

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Flow wrapping machines are an integral part of many process lines in the packaging industry. They’re an efficient and cost-effective packaging medium for a variety of products that fall into the CPG category and beyond. A flow wrapping machine is a type of automated packaging machine that wraps a product in a flexible plastic film made from materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene or cellophane, and seals it at both ends. They wrap individual packages or products by forming a continuous stream of material into a tube shape around the item that is later sealed and cut. Because the film is fed continuously through the machine, it allows for the seamless wrapping of products without any breaks in the packaging. Also known as flo-pack, flow wrappers are a specialty type of horizontal form/fill/seal or HF/F/S machine. They’re capable of packaging large volumes of products quickly and efficiently. Their advantages over more traditional, manual packaging methods are many; they boost productivity, lower labor costs, enhance product safety and offer precision package sizing. One sector where flow wrappers are used often is the food industry because they’re ideal for packaging a wide variety of packaged food products, including baked goods, snacks, candies, and vegetables. The sealed packaging ensures the food remains fresh for a longer duration by preventing exposure to air, moisture and other elements. In the medical and pharmaceutical industries, flow wrapping equipment is used to package medications, medical devices and other healthcare products. Designed to comply with the regulations and safety requirements in place, these machines bundle and seal products securely to prevent contamination and ensure patient safety. Cosmetics and personal care manufacturers also use flow wrapping machines to package their products. These machines are perfect for packaging items such as shampoos, conditioners, and other hygiene products. The sealed packaging ensures a consistent, high quality product arrives on the shelf or to the doorstep Capable of producing different packaging designs, including single wraps, double-sided seals, and pillow bags, flow wrapping machines offer a key benefit to all manufacturers and packagers: flexibility in packaging design. Going a step further, flo-wrappers can also create customized packages that meet the specific branding requirements of the client. This level of flexibility allows companies to create packaging that stands out on the shelves, enhancing brand recall and equity. The use cases for this type of machinery are vast, and their benefits are worth the investment when considering all of the savings incurred from other expenditures and value-adding features, Right here on PPMI’s ProSource directory, you can access our verified manufacturers and suppliers of flow wrapping machines and equipment. Browse through our catalog today to find the machine that keeps your production line moving.
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