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Twist Wrappers

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Also known as bunch wrappers, twist wrappers cut and wrap pieces of film via a twisting mechanism, usually around small, individual products such as candies. Are you planning to buy new bagging, pouching or wrapping equipment? Here are some guidelines for what to consider when planning your next purchase.

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Twist wrappers are a type of flexible packaging that's used to wrap small items like candies, fruits, and chocolates. These lightweight wrappers can be made from different sorts of materials like wax paper, foil or plastic, which are perfect for packaging delicate, perishable products. They’re versatile, easy to use and come in different sizes, colors and designs to suit specific packaging needs. In a typical twist wrapping application, the product is fed and staged in line for wrapping. At the same time, the machine unwinds the film rollstock to get the precise amount of film needed to wrap the product, cuts the film to size, and pushes the piece to be wrapped into place around the film. Then the rotary grippers grab the two ends to quickly fold and twist film around the product, forming the double twist wrap. One of the most common industries where twist wrappers are found is in food packaging, being especially useful for confections and snack foods. Their unique design, featuring twistable ends, allow manufacturers to seal the contents, protecting them from air, moisture and other contaminants, making them ideal for packaging candy, fruit, nuts and other dried foods. Twist wrappers are also used to package tobacco products like cigars, cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. These products require durable packaging that preserves the flavor, aroma and humidity, making twist wrappers an excellent choice. The twistable ends keep the tobacco fresh and moist until it is ready to be used. Medicinal products can also be packed using this format. Pharmaceuticals require packaging that is airtight, odorless, and moisture-resistant. Twist wrappers meet these requirements and are also easy to open, making them a solid choice for packaging tablets, capsules and other small medical materials. Aside from the above, the cosmetic industry also has many uses for twist wrappers, packaging products such as lip balms, lotions and fragrances. These types of products are prone to oxidation, temperature changes and other environmental elements that can deteriorate their quality. Twist wrappers offer resilience from these factors, making them more shelf-stable. Twist wrappers are also popular for packaging small gifts and party favors. Available in various colors, prints and designs, they’re perfect for birthday parties, weddings and other celebratory occasions, as the twistable ends allow you to seal the contents securely. As previously mentioned, there are various materials that twist wrappers can be made from, each designed for specific uses. Foil twist wrappers are ideal for packaging chocolates and other confections that require a longer shelf life, as foil wrappers are also heat-sealable. Wax paper twist wrappers are commonly used to wrap candies and gum, providing a barrier that keeps the food fresh and safe. This material is also microwave safe, making it a convenient choice for quick snack packaging. Plastic twist wrappers are popular for packaging small items like toys, jewelry and electronics. They’re transparent, allowing customers to see the product before purchasing it, and they’re also lightweight, making them a more economical choice. Overall, twist wrappers have many uses in packaging. From food to tobacco, medicine to cosmetics and party favors to small gifts, twist wrappers provide a flexible packaging solution that can be tailored to meet specific requirements. Their versatile and easy-to-use nature, along with their various sizes, colors and designs, make them a popular choice among packagers. If you’re ready to implement twist wrappers into your process line, look no further. Here on PMMI’s ProSource directory, we’ve provided manufacturers and packagers with connections to verified, vetted twist wrapper OEMs and suppliers. Find yours today.
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